What are the characteristics of different types of solar wall-mounted street lights?


Solar wall-mounted street light is a kind of solar street light. It is a solar light installed on the outer wall of a building. It does not take up too much space and is simple and convenient to install. It is usually used for courtyard lighting and road lighting. , parks, courtyards and other outdoor places can be installed and used. In addition, in terms of cost, because there is no need to use a light pole, it can also save a lamp pole cost, which is a relatively cost-effective lamp. The following briefly introduces two solar street lights that can be used as street lights, which can be pole-mounted or wall-mounted.

1. Intelligent solar wall-mounted street light

Compared with ordinary solar lamps, the intelligent solar lamp has an intelligent control function. It can adjust two color temperature modes: warm light and white light, and the amount of light can reach 5000lm. The lamps are controlled by mobile phone APP, which can realize brightness adjustment, switch, timing, group control, etc. It can be adjusted in combination with other smart solar lamps, and can also preset a variety of scene modes to create a personalized lighting space atmosphere. You can enter or switch scenes with one key.

2. Ordinary solar wall-mounted street light

There are three lighting modes: light control + remote control + PIR motion sensor, which can automatically turn off the lights during the day and charge, automatically turn on the lights at night, remote control, timing, etc., up to IP65 waterproof level, and the amount of light can reach 2000lm.

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